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Ane Krstevska blogs about self improvement and her blog Self Develop focuses on personal productivity, motivation and self-education.For the past 12 years, she’s been working as an HR professional for the US Government and private sector.One of the secrets to long lasting relationships is not to use abusive words in your conversation with the one you love.Sometimes when you are in an argument, you use words that may hurt your partner because you are emotional at that moment.Once the argument is over, the hurtful feelings from unnecessary words can still be there.And whenever another argument comes up, so do the hurtful feelings.

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Some people fail in a relationship because they don’t learn the right way to cultivate and grow their relationship.

Maintain your physical attraction and share the critical moments with each other.

Finally, choose your relationship over the pride that you want to be right.

Just like while you are driving and suddenly a dog runs into the road, you will brake and stop the car to avoid hitting the dog. You know that it is not your fault even if you run over the dog, but most people choose to stop.

This is because even though it is not your fault if you run over the dog, but you decide not to do it. You may be right, but sometimes, you want to just let your partner has it his or her way because you treasure your relationship more than winning the absurd argument.


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