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The pattern can also perpetuate inequality, since college graduates have higher earning potential and consolidate that advantage under one roof.Millennial households headed by a college graduate earn more than comparable families in prior generations, according to Richard Fry, a senior researcher at Pew.Those who join at no cost are entitled to three daily “prospects,” while 9 a year buys you more prospects and an assortment of other perks, such as “VIP passes” to get your friends’ membership applications fast-tracked.The admission rate ranges from 20 percent to 30 percent, depending on the market. 1 online match and dating service for millionaires, says half of its active members earn more than 0,000.The League has expanded into Pittsburgh, Tampa, and Orlando; Bradford has considered moving into suburbs but is sticking with cities for now, because that’s where the action is, she says. Raya calls itself a “private, membership based community for people all over the world to connect and collaborate.” Sparkology describes itself as a “curated dating experience for young professionals” and accepts members only by invitation or referral.“Ladies, you asked for quality gentlemen: Men are verified grads of top universities,” reads the pitch to prospective female clients on its home page.

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Feldman says “the girls are much better” on the League than on Tinder.

This clustering effect is reinforcing another phenomenon: More Americans are seeking spouses with similar levels of schooling, a pattern known as assortative mating.

Couples in which both members had at least a four-year degree made up 23.9 percent of all married people in the U. in 2015, up from just 3.2 percent in 1960, when far fewer women attended universities, according to Wendy Wang at the Institute for Family Studies.

Such apps have become an integral part of the millennial mating game.

Nationally, just 10 percent of 20- to 24-year-olds registered with an online matchmaking service in 2013, according to a Pew Research Center analysis.


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