American dating an albanian

Those of us involved with Muslim ARC and other wonderful organizations like it are well aware of the systematic racism in America.

This is why the hate from other Muslims hurts the most.

They aren’t racist shop owners following my husband around a store.

These people are our brothers and sisters in Islam, and they are violating our rights.

It hurts when Arabs assume that my husband is not a devout Muslim because he is African American.

It hurts when African American sisters accuse me of being Muslim only because my “country is Muslim.” Then there are those who accuse my husband and I of having premarital relations because there is no way a black man and Albanian woman would marry otherwise.

Another African American sister decided to “school me” on black men: Advice from white sisters was different than from the black American sisters.

White sisters were often patronizing, even condescending, when they found I was from a foreign land.

When some black American sisters were very open about their disdain for our marriage, it led to unsolicited advice from white American sisters.

I don’t doubt that it would have gone differently if my husband was in the car, because it has.

When we got pulled over with him driving, he was always asked to get out of the car. I can talk about the way he is followed in stores while old white ladies steal right under store employees’ noses.

It hurt us that our brothers and sisters in imaan, and our own families were so ignorant.

However, this type of bigotry is not what hurt the most.


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