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During the liberation of Coruscant by the Jedi Order from the control of the Lost Tribe of Sith, the CSF assisted the Jedi as the Sith began committing acts of terror on Coruscant.However, the CSF's casualties during the battle ran into the thousands.Early during the Republic, the CSF was commanded by the Chief of Security and centuries later by the Coruscant Security Force Senior Command, later the Sector Command.

Though staffed mostly by sentient police officers, droids were used as well, including different kinds of police droids, probes, and crime scene investigation droids.

The CSF was one of the oldest planetary police forces in the known galaxy.

After the Sacking of Coruscant and the subsequent Cold War, it battled for control of Coruscant against crime syndicates such as Black Sun and the Migrant Merchants' Guild.

The Second Galactic Civil War placed the CSF in the middle of the conflict between the Galactic Alliance and the Confederation.

Some CSF officers were recruited into the Galactic Alliance Guard (GAG) to counter Corellian terrorist activities on Coruscant.


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