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I got behind him and rubbed my cock against his ass.

He stiffened up a little, so I told him to turn around and suck my cock. I lubed up my cock and slid the head around his tight hole. My friend started licking the head of his cock some more more and I slid the head of mine right into his ass.

Shoots are very informal and not intimidating in any way, shape or form, we like to make it more of a meet and greet and fun day for all!

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Our rooms were next to each other, so I would make sure to mess around with guys (and gals) when I knew he was home, because it drove him crazy. I'm expert in: Making you feel at ease, then having you do what I want!

When I'd see him next, he'd be shaking with desire. Country: My friend and I met a guy at the sports bar last night and he started to boast how he would fuck us both silly!

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My friend eased them off his hips and his cock sprang out like a jack in the box!

We took him back to my apartment and things got a little intense.

He wanted to fuck us right away, but we decided we were going to turn the tables on him.

He shook his head a little, then my friend got in back of me and started to grind her pussy against my leg as I rubbed the tip of my cock against his mouth. He screamed in pleasure and pain as I drilled his virgin ass with my cock until he shot the biggest cum load I had ever seen all over my friend's face!

Hi everyone I’m a Chat Girl TV Babeshow Presenter, UK Glamour Model, PR and Marketing Babe Krystal Niles and welcome to my Sensational Sundays column each week I will be bringing you news of what has been happening in the celebrity world, what’s hot and what’s definitely not… also follow me @krystalnilesxxx and my Brand Management company website @KNBrand Mgtmt This week has been Mental and I’ve loved every second of it :) SWYD- Pritchard Live and DJ Ben Parkin So we got to Weymouth and it all went a bit crazy ha we had Porno Paul press upping in VIP and Pritchard and DJ Ben Parkin hyping the crowds Weymouth totally enjoyed and as it was the boys first Visit I think Dusk Weymouth @duskweymouth was impressed.


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