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“This how most of yall ladies be looking after the club! His post was an obvious dig at black women who take their hair extensions out when they sweat out their weave at the club.

:) This A list celebrity might just call this former tweener a friend but he certainly has certain things he requires his friend to do before he is willing to call his dealer for her. He's getting really sloppy and the team might have to intervene. He was an angel for a little while, especially on social media. Coming out really helps you emotionally and mentally. I do respect him for not making up a bullshit excuse re: the last game where he got wasted the night before. Also isnt Seguin bff with Mike Stud, do ppl think frat boys like Mike hangs around with closet gays? I know he got scratched from one Dallas game for coming to practice late. No closeted threads can be started without his name popping up?According to a 1990 interview by Brazilian edition of Playboy, Senna declared that he lost his virginity at 13 years of age to a prostitute arranged by his cousin, and he also insinuated having had a relationship with Piquet's would-be wife (hence Piquet's acrimony).r120 Senna was gay.Piquet was known to speak his mind to anyone, not just Senna. He also had legendary run-ins with Nigel Mansell where he called him a fat pig and said he was stupid. He couldn't even fit in his car one year (literally) and he was not known for intelligence like Prost.I don't think there is any superstar tennis athlete who is strongly rumored to be gay and most of them are married except for Nadal who has a GF of 5-6 years. There are a number of players with the most popular one being Cristiano Ronaldo.I don't know much about other famous soccer players.Now, it can be a famous Olympic athlete like Bolt or who else ? He had no hair on his chest; I wondered how hairy he was underneath the jockstrap."Senna" is a great documentary about Senna. I used to live in KC back in the day and knew a gay couple who lived next door to George Brett when he had a house in the Ward Parkway area, which has expensive homes on small lots.Throughout his career, it was rumored in Cincinnati that Johnny Bench was/is gay. I once saw a picture of Bench bare chested; then I occupied myself for the next several minutes. Seeing Eric Lindros name reminded me of how hot he was, so I looked him up on wikipedia. George had a hot tub in his back yard very visible from their second floor and these guys said he had a different woman in there every night.I had such a closet crush on Steve Sax when I was younger.Not in the closet because I was gay, but because I lived in San Francisco, and Sax was a Dodger Who must be the sport star r91 ? Globally famous sport start is usually from either Tennis or Soccer.


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