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The dating service was not the only innovation to be announced Tuesday at the California conference.

Facebook also said they would also introduce a feature that will allow users to see and delete their Facebook browsing history, as well as an instant language translation service for its Messenger app.

The icon will link to a user's dating profile, if they have set one up.

The feature will recommend potential matches based on dating preferences, common interests and mutual friends.

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Tinder takes a tumble Shares of established online dating site operators tumbled after Facebook's announcement.Some 87 million users had their personal information harvested for political purposes by Cambridge Analytica.() Social media mogul Mark Zuckerberg ranks among the most powerful men in the world.Match Group Inc., which owns the popular dating app Tinder, fell more than 18 percent.Tinder itself connects to Facebook and accesses user data to connect would-be partners to one another.It will also allow a user to browse event attendees and send them messages.It was unclear when the product would be launched and whether it would be available on the web platform.() Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg can hit the "like" button when it comes to his company's earnings: revenue is up significantly, as are average user numbers — good news for Facebook after the Cambridge Analytica scandal.() Facebook users in Europe will soon be asked to adjust their privacy settings as the company seeks to comply with a new EU law.The Facebook CEO apologized again, but only clear regulations can contain the internet giant, says DW’s Barbara Wesel.Facebook's CEO, in suit and tie, fielded hours of questions from US senators.


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