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In my current working girl-in-the-big-city life, I was using dating apps on the regular. Once upon a time, I was a girl who only used dating apps for one thing, bouncing back from love-loss.

I mean, according to Pew Research 2016, five percent of Americans who are in a marriage or committed relationship say they met their significant other online and it seems like everybody other singleton is doing it — so why not? And so, I learned what it's really like to use dating apps when you're heartbroken.

I should have been able to smell out the gentle-robot mentioned previously immediately — he only had one picture (that I later discovered was a stock image), I wasn't able to Facebook-creep on him even though he had a unique name, and worst of all he immediately started talking to me about how he liked to masturbate under his desk.

60% of all matches on Bumble result in a conversation, according to Bumble founders.

Regardless of the troubles with Approach #1 or Approach #2, I spent hours glued to my phone, scrolling through profiles of craft beer enthusiasts and spontaneous adventurers.

I clung to dating apps like a security blanket to heal my broken heart.

According to a 2016 statistic from Consumer Survey: The Best Way to “Swipe” a Mate, 57 percent of women report feeling harassed online, with Tinder and Ok Cupid being the top culprits.

It's not like they know you are feeling so emotionally worn out, and even if they did that probably makes the victim more of a target.


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