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In 1754, France went to war with Great Britain in North America over lucrative fishing and fur-trapping efforts, a conflict known as the Seven Years' War.This conflict ended in defeat for the French with the Treaty of Paris in 1763.The Mersey Way footpath and the Trans Pennine Trail run through Spike Island and you can follow them up the Sankey Canal to Warrington and beyond!In 1990 The Stone Roses decided to stage a huge outdoor gig at Spike Island in Widnes.

The Sankey Canal and the Wet Dock were always busy with boats carrying cargo to the Mersey and the ports of the world beyond.

There, they cleared land for pasture grazing and began growing crops such as cotton and rice.

This area is known as Acadiana due to the influence from Cajun culture.

France acquired Louisiana from Spain in 1800, only to sell the area to the United States of America three years later in the Louisiana Purchase.

The area settled by the Acadians and other cultures became known as the Territory of Orleans.


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