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Pictograph sites in the Canadian Shield are less extensive in scale and contain fewer image clusters compared to carving sites.Although sites at Bon Echo Provincial Park in southern Ontario and at Lake Superior Provincial Park near Wawa (Ont) are well known, the majority of pictograph discoveries have been made in Quetico Park and at Lake of the Woods in northwestern Ontario.They depict spiritual icons such as Thunderbird or shaman figures.

Some of the most intriguing images of Canadian rock art are painted on cliffs in interior British Columbia.For instance, the battle between Thunderbird and the Horned Snake is often depicted as the bird killing the reptile with lightning, which is materialized in the composition by a seam of quartz.Other iconographic themes also appear regularly: a figure with horns or rabbit ears accompanied by a wolf probably represents NANABOZO and his brother Wolf; and a snake or Mishipeshu under a canoe shows the danger of those fantastic beings, which tip canoes and drown their passengers.It is part of a worldwide genre of prehistoric art, which includes the cave paintings of Spain and France as well as the rock art of Scandinavia, Finland, northeast Asia and Siberia.No foolproof method for the precise dating of rock art has been discovered, other than speculative association with stratified, relatively datable archaeological remains.The Canadian SHIELD, which extends from Rivière St-Maurice in Québec to northern Saskatchewan, counts more than 500 pictograph sites, while petroglyph sites are confined to the south.The Peterborough petroglyph site in southern Ontario (see PETROGLYPHS PROVINCIAL PARK) is the most outstanding in all of Canada with its several hundred images of humans, animals (eg, birds, snakes, turtles and boats), all contained on a single rock outcrop of crystalline limestone.Several broad regions of rock art "style areas" have been distinguished, including the Maritimes, the Canadian Shield, the Prairies, British Columbia and the Arctic.The Maritime provinces count many rock art sites that are usually attributed to the Mi'kmaq (MICMAC).Many pictographs have been found on isolated boulders and rocky outcrops along the foothills near Calgary.At WRITING-ON-STONE Provincial Park in southern Alberta, there is an extensive series of small-scale petroglyphs incised on the sandstone bluffs of the Milk River.


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