Carbon dating leather

perhaps dinasaur fossils are only a few thousand years old.

Y'all want to keep religion out of politics, but what about keeping politics out of science? I find it interesting that Byrd says what people want to hear, and no one even questions where it came from. Is something you know that will challenge Byrd post?

It's cut from another site that's full of ridiculous claims.) Don't try this one at home, folks, because you'll feel embarrassed if you encounter someone up on their science. So this isn't a fossil, and the word has gotten out to most of the Biblical and Creationist sites (who acknowledge that it's not a fossil.) However, there are a few who persistantly refuse to understand what fossils really are and try to use it as a refutation of geological processes.

The "creation science museum" has been caught faking a lot of things, including the "Paluxy Man Track" (a carving of a footprint that they tried to pass off as a real footprint in stone.) Most of the creationists have now distanced themselves from it.

I heard about this boot in passing on Thursday on the news, and that was the last I heard of it.

I'm at work right now so I haven't had time to look into it myself.


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