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Egypt's Web infrastructure is more sophisticated than Iran's, Labovitz said.

Still, Egypt's network only has about 10 companies controlling the key infrastructure that keeps the country connected, making a nationwide government-mandated cutoff feasible, he said.

Sisi referred to the dispute in a speech on Thursday, denying that Egypt’s position on Syria was the reason for the fuel cut-off.

He also struck a defiant tone unlikely to endear him to the Gulf Arab kings and princes that have kept his country afloat.

Before Thursday's seemingly more concerted halt of internet services, access to Twitter and Facebook in Egypt was becoming spotty.

These services have played major roles in protests in Tunisia and Iran and for dissidents in China.

The phenomenon was also observed by Arbor Networks, which reports that internet traffic to and from Egypt dropped "precipitously" within that hour Thursday.

Arbor's security researcher, Craig Labovitz, has been digging through the connection data, and said that the outages were no coincidence.

When social media websites were blocked, many in Egypt had found their way around it by using software called proxies.

The Egyptian government has said publicly that it is not censoring websites.

The Egyptian protests are meant to challenge a lack of basic amenities, from affordable food to a decent standard of living.

Reports continued to flood Facebook and Twitter that landline phone service has been shut down in some Egyptian cities, though it's unclear whether that came as a result of a government edict or overloaded networks.

Cellular telephone operators were told by authorities to suspend services in parts of Egypt, according to a statement from Vodafone, a global cell carrier that operates there.


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