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Not surprisingly, other recent research found the same result.Mc Coy (2004) suggested that many teenage girls who engage in enjo kosai experience family dysfunction and a lack of communication with their parents, or they feel overprotected or stifled.They tend to be unable to exercise self-restraint, act impulsively and feel lonely.As enjo kosai is an emerging issue in Hong Kong, little formal research is done as it is a new research topic.The most common response was that 'parents cannot discipline their children' and 'society overemphasizes the desire of goods'.

Teenage girls regarded it as a part-time job, and for some of the participants, sex became part of the process.'Enjo Kosai', abbreviated as 'enko', which is translated in English as 'Compensated Dating' or 'Subsidized Dating', is a term originated in Japan.'Enjo' means 'to assist' and 'Kosai' means 'dating'.The major difference between with prostitution is that, prostitution is generally performed in a brothel or by arrangement of a third party, while in enjo kosai, the fact is girls can choose men.If a girl does not like a man when she first sees him, she can leave him.Although monetary reward underlies each of enjo kosai girls, apparently there are several explanations for the reasons behind.According to a Japanese study as suggested by Wakabayashi (2003), Maruta (2001) analyzed that there are three reasons why girls engage in enjo kosai: 1) efficiency of making money, 2) sexual desire, and 3) psychological compensation. For the reason of psychological compensation, Maruta analyzed that there are two subcategories: 1) Girls are grown up in defective families and struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder or PSTD, which is a multidimensional construct of stress response syndromes.A few local social service agencies conducted exploratory research.Some significant research include 1) 'An Exploratory Study of Enjo Kosai Girls in Hong Kong' by Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service (2008): This is one of the earliest comprehensive exploratory studies on the emergence of enjo kosai in Hong Kong.INTRODUCTION The term 'enjo kosai' has appeared prevalently at Hong Kong in around October 2007, after a local newspaper reported that girls dating for compensation and branded product.However, the seriousness of the problem was not addressed until a 16-year-old enjo kosai girl was killed and dismembered by a 24-year-old man who was a drug abuser in July 2009.


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