Current recordset d does not support updating locktype dts

I get the following error when I change the SSL part of the connection string from "SSL=FALSE" to "SSL=TRUE" -----IBMDA400 Session error '80004005' -----CWBDB0001 - Connection handle failed in attempt to contact server (System XXX. If I do a netstat during the Operations Navigator based query it'll show an established connection to the same port.

I CANNOT connect via ODBC or ADO WITH SSL and perform a query. XXX) If I do a netstat on the machine during the attempt, it shows a syn_sent or time_wait for port 9471 for that request.

I get records, I can read the data in the recordset and I can update rows/records that don't contain negative values. perhaps a rec.movefirst to position the cursor and read a record? Lowke wrote: Thanks, but that's not the reason. Just guessing, but it looks like you've opened a path but not retrieved a record, so there's nothing to update.When I did that, the updates didn't occur and audit history didn't write - which is what I'd expect when the connection is terminated. Update End With Next cl Set rs = Nothing Set cl = Nothing cn. if it's vb6 I suspect you need to add some ado libraries to yo...I tried trapping messages in a job log but the CA programs all run under QUSER and we don't want to change that jobd. and 2) how to trap the output from the messages I've written into the CL so that I can find the problem? Close Set cn = Nothing End Sub Hi Drew We have added the library Microsoft Active X data objects 2.7 to the project but it still does not work. Client Access ODBC DB2 driver problem I'm working with IBM's Client Access ODBC Driver version 8. 5/8/2001 installed with Client Access Express V5R1M0.It does not matter which numeric field contains the negative value. However, if the user accepts all the prefilled info and clicks the 'email' button, a blank report generates (no record on table to report).I can update even rows with negative values if I use SQL (UPDATE) directly, but that's no acceptable solution. Test1 and Test2 are decimal values, if Test1 contains a negative value the mentioned error occurs. I saw a very similar post from 10/01 where the developer was advised to use the me.dirty = false and the me.refresh.I turned on ODBC trace, but there are logs are identical until program exits. If I try to add records that use anything from the other tables then records appear to be added but not the main ID field (these tables are joined via a One-to-Many relationship in the DB).This only happends on one PC in the company other PC's have no problem, some using local OS and some using english OS. Is there a way that anyone knows to get the primary key from table 1 to copy into table 2? Client Access ODBC/ASP fields not updating I'm running an ASP program (not .Trying to run it with Client Access ODBC driver gives me the error "driver does not support this function". What you cannot do is to access a Jet (often called Access) database via ODBC from Access.You can link to tables in that Jet database, or open it directly, but you can't ODBC to Jet tables from Access itself. Problems Updating via DB link to AS400/DB2I have created a link using generic connectivity from a instance running on windows 2003 64 bit server to an AS400/DB2 database (V5R2 AFAIK).


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