Dark cavern dating

Thanks to the tireless work of archaeologists in the past 200 years, we now know just how important this ancient site is.Kents Cavern is the oldest recognisable human dwelling in Britain.Horn • Forest Path Foggy Forest • Steam Cave • Amp Plains • Northern Desert • Quicksand Cave Crystal Cave • Crystal Crossing • Chasm Cave • Dark Hill • Sealed Ruin Dusk Forest • Deep Dusk Forest • Treeshroud Forest • Brine Cave • Hidden Land Temporal Tower • Mystifying Forest • Blizzard Island • Crevice Cave • Surrounded Sea Miracle Sea • Aegis Cave • Mt.Travail • The Nightmare • Spacial Rift Dark Crater • Concealed Ruins • Marine Resort • Bottomless Sea • Shimmer Desert Mt.It was tucked away in a drawer at Torquay Museum until 1988, when carbon dating methods revealed it was around 31,000 years old.This means it is modern human (Homo Sapiens Sapiens), and is evidence of Britain's earliest man.Pengelly uncovered more than 80,000 objects, many of which were preserved in lower chambers.

They were made by our very early ancestors between 300,000 and 400,000 years ago in the Lower Palaeolithic era.

But the bad news was they somehow had to kill the mammoths if they wanted any dinner - no easy task.

Pengelly's finds were hugely controversial, because they seemed to prove that humans were contemporary with some extinct prehistoric animals.

The entrance to the cave was narrow and no more than 5ft high.

Only one person at a time could enter, head stooped, a flickering light held in one hand, pickaxe in the other.


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