Dating a selfish lover alyssa reid and harry styles dating

Prod your partner even if they apologize or tell you that they didn’t really mean it.

If your partner could blurt out an accusation like that, there’s a good chance that some part of them believes you’re a selfish person.

[Read: 15 real life tips to look a lot sexier naked! You always like doing something your way or going to places you like even if your partner wants to do something different.

If your partner coaxes you to do something else or go to a different place, you sulk or pout the whole while.

It takes a lot of effort and repeated occurrences of selfishness for your lover to make such a statement.

In the middle of a discussion with your lover, do you ever feel like you could give in, but choose not to give in only because you think it makes you appear weak?

Do you believe your partner would take you lightly or tread all over you if you constantly give in, even if the consequences of giving in make no difference to you?

[Read: The problems of making someone a priority when you’re only an option to them] Communication and selfishness If your partner ever accuses you of being selfish in the relationship, don’t hate them for it or get angry in return.

Complete the discussion, and when the flaring tempers cool down, talk to your partner and try to find out why they believe you’re being selfish.


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