Dating a vulnerable woman

The connection or disconnection you feel with your partner is a result how much or little you’re able to be vulnerable with him.Being vulnerable means open to the possibility of being criticized, hurt, rejected, etc.The rewards of a meaningful connection are much greater than the risk of never feeling a true connection. You can only be vulnerable after knowing your worth The ability to be authentically vulnerable only comes after knowing your true worth.

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She is the feminine diva that he craves to be around.

You have no issues picking up the phone and calling a man, driving to him, planning a date, or even paying for your share on a date. This is the typical trap many high-achieving, successful women fall into.

And yet, after a few high spark dates, he starts to withdraw and leaves you feeling clueless about what you did wrong. They accidentally de-value themselves in the eyes of men by practicing masculine “business”-like behaviours in their romantic relationships. When we initiate contact, give him presents, drive to him, tolerate his bad behaviour because we don’t want to upset him or even go “dutch” on dates, we’re making it all too easy for him.

Identify your parent’s common words, phrases, behaviors and actions to understand how that’s affected you.

If they’ve played a major role in decreasing your self worth, consider speaking with them about how this has affected you and what you need from them (to stop or start doing) to move forward. You let others define your worth when you hold onto the past, are bitter about what’s happened and don’t move forward. Knowing what is and isn’t acceptable to you makes it easier to respect yourself, set boundaries, take the right action and make sound decisions.


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