Dating an army ranger

Chuck Norris’s wife Gena was undergoing MRI sessions in order to figure out if she had rheumatoid arthritis.However, she had been going to MRIs nearly every day for a week, and she began to feel as if her entire inside was being eaten alive by acid.Their divorce came as a surprise to his fans who thought his marriage was going very well. Following his divorce from his first wife, Dianne Holechek, Norris started dating Gena O’Kelly. O’Kelly, a former model and the deputy sheriff of Chester, California, met Norris through mutual friends while out at a restaurant in Dallas, Texas in 1997.After visiting him on the set and playing a small part in a Walker episode, they began dating and tied the knot in 1998.Norris enlisted in the United States military and sent to serve as an Air Policemen in South Korea.There, he began learning martial arts and soon became a specialist.Once they stopped going to do MRIs, the pain subsided.

In fact, in a report on Gawker quoting a website called Wonkette, the website allegedly found entire paragraphs lifted from Chuck Norris’s own book and put on blog posts.He was born as Carlos Berry Norris in Ryan, Oklahoma in 1940.Norris grew up in a broken home and was said to have been a shy, introverted child.Coming from a military background and multiple forms of martial arts, Norris started his career as a martial arts teacher in the 1960’s before deciding to pursue an acting career in Hollywood.With talent and hard work, Norris quickly became a rising star in the action genre, appearing in genre-defining staples such as Delta Force and Walker, Texas Ranger.While the Chuck Norris’ internet memes and fake facts became an internet phenomenon worldwide, a university student named Ian Spector tried to cash out from the situation.After Spector published an entire book based on these facts, the actor filed a lawsuit against the author and the publishers in 2007, who were looking to profit from the book.During his military service, he garnered the nickname “Chuck” from his fellow comrades.Norris loved it and upon returning to the United States, he decided to adopt the nickname as his own.For many citizens, men and women alike, Norris represents the perfect American dream – a strong, confident, Reaganesque America that speaks directly our heart.He represents the hard-working men all across the nation, who built themselves up with their own two hands, the ‘little people’ who are getting crushed by the corporations.


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