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God isn’t concerned about what you wear either, so wear something comfortable! They can answer any questions you have and help you find your way around.

And, you’ll find that the vast majority of people at Harvest are friendly.

Butte Central has a nurturing atmosphere where students are well-known by teachers, staff and each other.

Our focus on individual attention sets us apart from larger schools and allows each student to flourish within a "family" atmosphere.

Butte Central is "a Catholic community of learners and believers" achieved through academic excellence, moral leadership, and social responsibility.Once a student has been accepted, the admission process is complete after the family finalizes a formal tuition payment and preference agreement.For further information regarding enrollment and student information packets please contact the following: Ms.It’s in environments like this that we really start living Life as though Jesus were living through us.Depending on your location, we offer different ways for you to get in a small group.During the service, they’ll be in an environment intentionally crafted to speak in their language, including games, a bible story, activities, and age-appropriate discussion.Our student ministries (we call them Crux^), for 6th-12th grade, meet on Wednesday nights from pm-pm.Jesus went around teaching and healing people for about 3 years.After that, He died on a cross and then rose again 3 days later! Our pastor usually wears jeans while he’s preaching, if that tells you anything.The words to the songs will be up on a screen so that you can sing along if you’d like.The weekly message is usually delivered by Vern Streeter, our senior pastor, via video on a huge screen on the stage. We don’t mess around with weird words you won’t understand—the messages are put together in a way that anyone can easily understand them, whether you’ve ever been to church before or not.


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