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“Shopping for boys” becomes a game and something fun to do on a boring Wednesday night.My friends and co-workers have been fascinated by the steady (if slow) stream of new guys I go out with.

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There is always a little rush of adrenaline when someone new emails you, or you email someone and they actually respond.If your goal is to get a date—or find a mate—are you better off with one type over the other?Both kinds are popular, so you can’t go just by that.I developed two serious relationships, one with talk of marriage.Some, I saw only once, but most were interesting or amusing enough that we went out at least twice.“I’ve always assumed that putting anything behind a pay wall makes it more attractive and weeds out the casual users and trolls,” agrees Joseph Lynn, a Chicago man who used e Harmony and Match as well as a few free sites.“The fact that e Harmony matched me with several women with whom I shared common interests led me to believe that I was seeing more quality matches.” At the same time, you shouldn’t write off a site just because it’s free.“There are people of different intentions on every platform; it’s more important what your intention is.” Perhaps the key factor that determines whether you’ll like a site is not the price to join but the kind of people you find on it and how they behave and communicate.“That’s the real issue—how happy are people with their interactions on the dating sites,” says Scott Kominers, a lecturer in economics at Harvard University. Being Single Again I embraced my singleness, and went date-less for almost a year. When that relationship ended (amicably, I might add), I was 26 and my once single friends were spending weekends picking out paint chips instead of going out with me!


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