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The classic Mora — the birch-handled knife that’s been continuously produced for over a century — came in just a few varieties, called .

Interestingly enough, the product lines aren’t based on blade differences.In fact, at first glance, Mora blades all look the same.At least, that’s true when you’re staring at them in your hand.Blade steel is an important component of the quality and the functionality of any knife or bladed too.Many factors such as edge retention, hardness, ease of sharpening and more -- combined with the end use of the knife -- made a huge difference in whether the knife is correct for the task you wish to perform.LEARN MORE ABOUT BLADE STEEL TYPES AND PERFORMANCE. The problem is, you visited a web store and found dozens of models.It’s easy to notice a fairly high correlation between blade styles and product lines, but not a perfect correlation.Some product lines will use more than one blade style.It doesn’t matter what name is stamped on the knife. Over the years Mora has produced a dizzying array of product lines.To make matters worse, for the last decade or so, the product lines have undergone a few name changes, so the same knife might show up under any number of different names.


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