Dating eating disorder

Many women suffer from eating disorders combined with depression or other mental illnesses, and in order to treat the anorexia and bulimia efficiently, treatment programs must address the underlying mental illness.

According to Screening for Mental Health, approximately 50 percent of individuals with eating disorders also meet the criteria for depression, and getting to the core issue of the depressive illness is essential during the eating disorder treatment process.

Knowledge is power, so learn as much as you can about your partner's disease.

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Eating disorders are common in women with histories of childhood abuse, childhood obesity and mental health disorders.

If not, it's unlikely he or she is ready to be part of a committed relationship.

That said, if your boyfriend or girlfriend is undergoing therapy, it is reasonable to discuss whether attending doctor's appointments with him or her would be helpful—and do not be offended if they say "no." It may be that your loved one prefers to keep the management of his or her disease process out of the relationship for now.

Eating disorders often begin in childhood and stem from a variety of factors that include child abuse, low self-esteem, childhood obesity, and peer pressure.

Additionally, the unfortunate reality is that many women have a distorted idea of what their bodies should look like due to unrealistic advertisements and depictions of women in the media.


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