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Your trying to date women in the 45 age range is a lost cause. As IG suggested return his questions with your own.

I guarantee your trying to kiss up to them and trying to appear the wise, senior man will get you nowhere here. LOL I have never been asked those kind of questions.

All that tells me is that he probably is really not a good lover. You women who post on here have got to be nuts when you portray yourselves to the world the way you do, photos and all. Take it for what it is worth or ignore it if you choose.

Except for those of you showing even dispositions, humor and gentleness, you are hurting your own causes imho. But my words are [email protected] That's a good remember [email protected]'s correct, it's about being a gentleman...don't send out or ask weird messages if you want a date.

I had one man message me and suggest a date and where and "if" we hit it off I could take him home after... I feel a lot of men shoot themselves in the foot..looking for a crass, rude man.

If he talks like that to me and he doesn't even know me..would he say to friends and family when I am not in ear shot or if he is just looking to get laid...better go back and read the PUA handbook.....again."You mean while you are there or gone? "Kudos to halftime for this: Bette Midler joke (channeling Sophie Tucker I think): Him: Honey, you never tell me when you have an orgasm. I would never want to date a woman who publicized her sex life in the sex forums.

Funny that you equate anger, bitterness and dissatisfaction with life as "alpha" and "macho".

If my wife were still alive I'd be spending time with her, not trolling and posturing on a dating site forum.

For instance: "Do you know how to shop for your man? I met a guy for a nice quiet Sunday brunch and he said he wanted a woman that was willing to clean the house, do the ironing and the cooking as his ex did none of that. Men bring this up during our first telephone conversation. What's a witty, lighthearted way to shut down this line of questioning? I got a first message from a fellow yesterday and he said he liked swimming naked....along with some other normal some sort of test? Asking about my ability to have an orgasm is tacky and inappropriate, especially during our first conversation. I can't imagine any woman talking about guys in instant messages or on the phone the way they talk about them on this board.

I have absolutely no doubt normal guys ask this question of women they don't know all of the time. Guys routinely complain to strange women that "his wife never had an orgasm". You have women who hate men, and offend them over and over and over . but they do so cleverly, for example in the guise of asking innocent questions about why guys routinely ask "weird" questions. But if I say something like, unattractive older women are not highly sought after in the dating world, a trollish woman attacks me. Thanks for letting me know early that we aren't compatible."If I hear one more man complain that his wife never had an orgasm, I'll scream. I would never want to date a woman who demeaned men the way so many do on these boards.

I mean that is just a normal part of a conversation when having a first, second, third conversation with guys. "I have never heard that, but I have heard that they had to beg their wives for sex. This Friday I am getting together with a man who has been a gentleman, interesting and fun during phone conversations. I would never want to date a woman who was constantly obnoxious, offensive or just plain ornery and mean. I would never want to date a women who appeared angry or bitter on here.

I prefer to do my actual dating from real life meetings.

I am also beginning to suspect that these forums may be skewed and therefore perhaps not the best source of information.


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