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As Gisele works up a sweat, we see real-life insults from social media critics questioning why UA would sign her. "Protect this blouse," says another." But others are supportive as Gisele tunes out the noise—and keeps punching."She's a mother and an inspiration," reads one.(Photo: Lori Stiles)Scientists at the University of Arizona's Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) lab in Tucson, Ariz., have radiocarbon dated an ancient Coptic manuscript containing the only known surviving Gospel of Judas at between A. in an international effort to authenticate, restore and translate the codex. Tim Jull, director of the National Science Foundation-Arizona AMS Laboratory, and Gregory Hodgins, assistant research scientist, radiocarbon dated five tiny samples of papyrus and leather book binding from a collection of ancient documents, known as a codex, that was discovered only about 30 years ago in Egypt.The leather-bound papayrus codex was discovered in the 1970s near Al Minya, Egypt.

The manuscript will eventually be returned to Egypt, to be housed in Cairo's Coptic Museum, National Geographic said. The UA's National Science Foundation AMS Lab, established in 1981, has become a world leader in dating objects by their radiocarbon and other radioactive isotope content.

The UA scientists completed the radiocarbon dating tests in early January 2005. However, one book binding piece also contained papyrus, so they determined radiocarbon ages for both leather and papyrus in that fragment.

The calibrated ages for all individual samples agreed to an astonishing degree within the third or fourth centuries A. "Given the clustering of the dates the five samples and the nature of the object (a book), one can argue that, in fact, a single object was measured six times," they said.

(EDITORS: Tim Jull and Greg Hodgins are attending the 19th International Carbon 14 Conference in Oxford, England, April 3 - 7.

Jull's British cell phone number is 44 7910 320 555.


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