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Today, the bridge is maintained by Penn DOT and is still considered the world’s longest concrete multiple-arch bridge.

Its annual average daily traffic (AADT) was 10,350 as of 2004.

On November 11, 1980, it was officially dedicated as Veterans Memorial Bridge, though it is still referenced locally as the Columbia–Wrightsville Bridge. Long and built by Glen Wiley and Glenway Maxon (Wiley-Maxon Construction Company), it cost ,484,000 (equal to ,389,116 today) plus ,400 (equal to 6,226 today) paid as an early completion bonus.

Constructed of reinforced concrete, the 5,183-foot-long (1,580 m) bridge (6,657 feet (2,029 m) including spans over land) has 27 river piers, 22 approach piers, a 38-foot-wide (12 m) two-lane roadway, and a 6-foot-wide (1.8 m) sidewalk.) of concrete and 8 million pounds of steel reinforcing rods were used, and coffer dams were built to aid in construction.

Also known as the Route 30 bridge, it stands about half a mile north of the Veterans Memorial Bridge. Costing million (equal to ,205,251 today), it is constructed of reinforced concrete and steel and has 46 equal sections on 45 piers.

(Wright's Ferry was one of the original names of Columbia.) G. US 30 crosses it as a divided two-lane roadway, and there is no walkway. About a year after its opening, the bridge was shut down briefly so that an experimental weather-resistant coating could be applied to its roadway. Slaymaker at a total cost of 1,771 (equal to ,705,467 today), which was underwritten by the newly formed Columbia Bank and Bridge Company.

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The other present-day Columbia-Wrightsville bridge is the Wright's Ferry Bridge, the sixth bridge to cross the river between the two towns. It was commissioned by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the 1960s to relocate Route 30 and bypass the river towns of Wrightsville and Columbia.

The structure was modified in 1840 by the Canal Company at a cost of ,000 (equal to 0,533 today) concurrent with the construction of the Wrightsville Dam.

Towpaths of different levels and with sidewalls were added to prevent horses from falling into river, as happened several times when the river flooded.

The roof of the lower path formed the floor of upper path.

In this way, canal boats were towed across the river from the Pennsylvania Canal on the Columbia side to the Susquehanna and Tidewater Canal at Wrightsville. Civilian volunteers from Columbia had mined the bridge at the fourth span from the Wrightsville side, originally hoping to drop the whole 200-foot (61 m) span into the river, but when the charges were detonated, only small portions of the support arch splintered, leaving the span passable.


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