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Originally composed in Greek, they were translated (2d–3d cent. Among the codices are apocalypses, gospels, a collection of sayings of the resurrected Jesus to his disciples, homilies, prayers, and theological treatises.

Robinson, The Nag Hammadi Library in English (1988).

This sale failed; they were then bought in 1999 by Swiss dealer Frieda Nussberger-Tchacos. Ferrini broke up the manuscripts and sold bits individually. Bruce Ferrini seems to have turned it into single pieces of papyrus which he sold ad-hoc. His focus is on the art black-market, so I have omitted material unlikely to be of interest to manuscript enthusiasts. (News pages here) (Note that google do not display Michel's site in their results! The article is a preliminary report written by Herbert Krosney, Marvin Meyer, and Gregor Wurst about the status of the OHIO fragments of the Gospel of Judas.

Stated in 2000 that had already been sold by Bruce Ferrini. Now in Augsburg, apart from 2 leaves still in Ferrini's hands (in the receiver's lockbox) -- see the note by Ernest Muro., a town in Egypt near the ancient town of Chenoboskion, where, in 1945, a large cache of gnostic texts in the Coptic language was discovered. The presence of non-Christian elements, however, gave rise to the speculation that gnosticism, which taught salvation by knowledge, was not originally a Christian movement. The Nag Hammadi manuscripts, dating from the 4th cent. D., include 12 codices of tractates, one loose tractate, and a copy of Plato's Republic—making 53 works in all. Until the texts' discovery, knowledge of Christian gnosticism was confined to reports and quotations of their orthodox opponents, such as Irenaeus and Tertullian. Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! Recent novels and films that refer to the gospels have spurred public interest. These gospels are not part of the standard Biblical canon of any major Christian denomination, and as such are part of what is called the New Testament apocrypha.The end of the film also makes references to the Catholic Church's denunciations of such texts as being heretical.The 2008 novel, But today, now over fifty years since being unearthed and more than two decades after final translation and publication in English as The Nag Hammadi Library, 7 their importance has become astoundingly clear: These thirteen papyrus codices containing fifty-two sacred texts are representatives of the long lost "Gnostic Gospels", a last extant testament of what orthodox Christianity perceived to be its most dangerous and insidious challenge, the feared opponent that the Church Fathers had reviled unde In ordering the books destroyed, Athanasius was continuing the battle against the "Gnostic'' gospels begun 200 years earlier by his revered predecessor, Bishop Irenaeus, who was so distressed that certain Christians in his congregations in rural Gaul (present day France) treasured such "illegitimate and secret writing'' that he labeled them heretics.It is now generally believed that the evidence suggests that Gnosticism was a Jewish movement which subsequently reacted to Christianity or that Gnosticism emerged directly in reaction to Christianity.The name "Christian gnostics" came to represent a segment of the Early Christian community that believed that salvation lay not in merely worshipping Christ, but in psychic or pneumatic souls learning to free themselves from the material world via the revelation.Zahi Hawass who did not want the fragments to go to Switzerland for conservation first.The rest of the Tchacos Codex remains in Switzerland in the hands of the Maecenas Foundation who is now in a financial battle with Mrs. The rest of the article is a sketch of the contents of the fragments and a preliminary transcription and translation based on photographs of the fragments possessed by Nussberger.


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