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Usually, I pick my favorite girl's route and the main route.

Unless it's particularly excellent there's no reason to see everything.

All you need to be able to do is know if it's from the 60's, 70's or 80's. So the first digit of the serial number tells you which year in the 70's it was made. Another reliable way to date your amp, within a year or so, is to look at the date codes stamped on the volume and tone pots.

That'll tell you when the pots were made, and the amp is usually not more than a year older than that.

Although I hear there's quite a lot of these games on the PCEngine?

I'm not interested in titillation at all, but sometimes I like a girl's character enough to play to the end. It'll take you 60 hours to see everything in ever17.You can tell actual dates reliably in a couple different ways...If it's a 7-digit serial number, the first digit of the serial is the last digit of the year.But when it comes to dating Traynors, especially the 60's ones, it's done more damage spreading misinformation than it has help. I've got a couple of Traynor Custom Specials (YBA 3's) that still have the back plate on them, and thus, the serial numbers.The one without the back plate, I'll have to take apart and look at the pots, but for those w/ serials - one is stamped 403 and the other 1467. When i purchased them I was told #403 was dated to 1967, and #1467 dated to 1969.there's all sorts of interesting traynor-related stuff on there.The Velvet Black site linked above is notoriously wrong about dating Traynor amps by serial.OVAs are excellent.)VNs with plot: Steins; Gate [Time travel sci-fi] (Anime is mind-blowingly awesome)G-Senjou no Maou [Detective/Psychological]Tsukihime [Horror]Ever17 [Trapped in underwater complex]Chaos; Head [I don't even...]True Remembrance* [memory editing]Narcissu* [just read it]Narcissu Side 2nd*A list of 7 more games to try: ...tion-list/Anything at is something a bunch of VN lovers thought was worth translating in their spare time.A similar style of storytelling is also used in Snatcher, Policenauts, Famicom Detective Club II, and other cool adventure games.That game's not in English, but someone is working on a patch right now. Instead of picking a girl, you have cheat and date a lot of them.


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