Dating system for elkington silver plate datingtlc com

Even some relatively small towns had offices such as Plymouth, Colchester, Lincoln, Shrewsbury, Preston, Hull, Carlisle, Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, Perth, Cork, and Limerick.

In England the main marks were for London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Chester, Exeter, York, Newcastle and Norwich.

The teapot looks quite attractive, which is a good start.

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Good quality old Britannia marked silver is quite rare and collectible and therefore command a slightly higher price.

Before the advent of mass transport and efficient communications there were many assay offices dotted around Britain to enable silversmiths to hallmark their goods.

This made it a lot easier to understand but still retained as much of the interest and tradition as possible.Pieces of silverware with rare town marks are now very collectible and command high prices when they come on the market.Today the only assay offices that are left open for silver hallmarking are London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Edinburgh, and Dublin. The alphabet cycle is used to indicate the date of manufacture.Certain dates were commemorated with special marks such as the present Queens Jubilee in 1977, or King George V's jubilee of 1935.This silverware again is quite collectible and starting to command a slight premium.This system probably represented the first form of consumer protection world wide.Later, in 1478, a further mark known as the date letter was added.Each town or area obviously had a number of registered silversmiths and they all had their individual marks, which they sometimes changed to reflect changes in their business lives.But it was still the assay office that held their mark and there are various books that list makers marks.It should be used as a guide only, and we recommend using the Bradbury's Book of Hallmarks (ISBN # 0953174123).It has always been difficult to determine the purity of silver in an object by visual means and many countries have tried to establish a system of ensuring that certain standards are kept to protect customers who buy silver objects.


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