Dating victorian hardware

Nikki Francis - Poole30th November 2016 - "Just to say the doors arrived safely, and are absolutely Fabulous!Thanks for all your help."Bob Hulbert Cromer Norfolk Just to say the doors arrived quickly and are just as described on your website.It was the first furniture to be truly mass produced and that process was not entirely successful.Some Victorian hardware held up well, but others, well didn't withstand the test of time.

We chose not to make reproduction antique hardware designs that were fatally flawed and we use thicker materials and reinforced designs to provide you with Victorian hardware that will last.Early locking C clasps opened downwards, and more modern ones open upwards. It was widely used for jewelry designs in 1910 and remains popular today.Early locking clasps often had a small rounded mechanism, and later ones had a locking piece that was separate and slipped over the holding piece of the clasp.Most modern jewelry makes use of the later style of locking C clasp.It is possible to find more contemporary pieces still using unlocking C clasps or trombone clasps but generally, they were used on earlier styles.Determining the age of antique furniture is not an exact science, but there are certain indicators of age evident in furniture.How a piece is constructed is a common measure of age.The hardware designs, while decorative and curious, failed frequently.The brass was too thin, the internal parts were not reinforced and collapsed or crushed with use.This old style C Clasp shows the pin extending quite a way beyond the brooch and held by a C piece of metal.The extra length of pin helped to secure the brooch to heavy Victorian fabrics.


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