Dating woman gives you fake email safer online dating

Profiles with little to no personal information such as interests or personality traits, may be trying to hide something or create a sham persona.

It also helps if you can see the IP and email address, which we usually cross-reference across available databases.

She may even think you are attractive, but her loyalty to her girlfriend keeps her from taking the next step. Initially, even though you both share what you hope to be authentic, current pictures of each other and exchange messages behind the façade of a witty screen name, actually crossing over to sharing real names and personal details makes women feel vulnerable.

Of course, some exchanges are light and limited to one or two messages before fading away.

Some women may not care and assume you will not remember, but many will not want to perpetuate the lie.

All dating sites have fake profiles submitted to them all the time.

Elena’s Models offers profile verification service. If you met someone via our dating site and would like to find out more about the person, we will phone the lady or arrange a conversation by Skype to discuss questions that are of interest to you, as well as find out how she feels about you and sees the future of your relationship.

If a woman won’t share, one of the following is probably the reason: 1. Maybe she met you in a bar and has been talking to you for just enough time to decide you are not someone she plans to go home with or date.

If a man talks to (or flirts with) them, they will be nice and carry on the conversation as long as it stays neutral.

Since they are attached and not actively seeking someone to talk to, their confidence is compelling.

This means, a real human reads the questionnaire and reviews photos before publication. This candid review allows to block the majority of attempts to submit bogus information.

When we initially approve new profiles of women for publication, we usually have a telephone or Skype interview with them, to assure that our database is free from fake profiles and also to answer any questions that ladies may have about Elena’s Models and using our dating site.


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