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MM The First 2 Numbers The first 2 numbers represent the day of the month so this is pretty straight forward. The first 2 numbers represent the year instead of just 1 previously.

MM The final 3 Numbers The last 3 numbers represent the unit number that was built that day. The first 2 numbers represent the day of the month. Apparently, some could even fall outside of this range. The last 4 instead of 3 represent the unit number, the rest are the same.

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The following only applies to acoustic, acoustic-electric and classical guitars. The 3rd letter represents the month following the same coding system. Made in Taiwan Kaohsiung Factory In the Kaohsiung Factory system changed to a 3 letter, 6 number system as follows: The first 2 letters represent the year. So, in our example means that this guitar was the 22nd guitar built on that day. And seriak be obvious to speedily accurately determine when they were made. The messages presented are suited on personal observations, tons collected, and turn launched. This app will be stored as I find further hardware.

There is a different system for electric guitars and bases. MM If your serial number follows this format and you want a faster way of deciphering it check out the serial number wizard at the link below: The Serial number wizard at the link above only works for serial numbers that follow the format above. The unit number starts at PL This guitar was the 25th guitar built in May of The first 2 letters represent the year following the same coding system. The fourth and fifth numbers represent the day of the month. Because there is only 1 number representing the year, there are possible duplicates using this system. This date code will be very application to when the direction was yamaha acoustic guitar serial number dating.

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The second letter is the month and also follows the same system as the main system above. IPJ The example serial number above belongs to a guitar that was the 3rd guitar built in September of Made in Japan Custom Shop — This is the same as for to with the following differences: There is no internal code at the end The unit numbers start at instead of For example: PP The example serial number here represents the 45th guitar built in September of Made in Japan Custom Shop This uses a 3 letter, 3 number, 1 letter system. The Q represents an 0 and the N is a 7, meaning 07 for There is no indication of year of production in this system. The letter represents the month and follows the same system for months as the most common system above. The J is March as per the main system above and the year has to be since this system was only used between and Made in Japan Custom Shop — This was a 2 letter, 3 number, then 1 letter system. The road way to find it is to put a website inside numbee direction and use the direction on your request phone to run around inside.

If anyone knows please feel free to leave a comment in the comments section at the end of this post.

So, in our example we have an “M” – so it could have been built in 1966, 1976, 1986, 1996 or 2006 (and maybe 2016? The second letter represents the month that the guitar was built.

Anyway, let’s start with how the main system works – if you don’t have a serial number that looks one of the ones in the next section, then carry on to the following sections for the less common serial numbers. The first letter represents the year that the guitar was built.

The most common Yamaha serial numbers follow a system that uses 2 letters, followed by 5 numbers. The letters H to Q each represent the number that the year the guitar was built in .


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