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But if you come to Japan and want to have better relations, as well as a better understanding of how many Japanese people think and perceive you, there are a lot of key items you should be aware of. That, of course, is fine -- you're entitled to your own views, no matter what anybody else says.

But you will have to deal with some of the cultural and behavioral aspects whether you like it or not.

Do not feel that you will ever have to completely understand the Japanese, since the Japanese don't completely understand themselves either.: Japan has a lot of positive traits, and a lot of negative ones also.There is no logical or rational explanation for this conflict -- since Japanese do not think in a logical, rational fashion, at least in western terms.If you look at Japanese TV ads, the first thing you'll notice is that there are westerners in about a third of them.There are also half a dozen fluent Japanese speaking foreigners endlessly recycled on TV variety shows, constantly ingratiating themselves and amusing the Japanese enough to want them back. Their only real talent is speaking Japanese well, and many long term ex-pats see them as intellectual whores since they must go through the same problems others do, yet they know the rule of getting invited back on TV is to never bite the hand that feeds them.Yet there are also periodically TV infotainment shows following the cops and catching those awful foreigners committing crimes in "our country", with sinister background music shrieking away.But what happens is the students revert to their old habits and try to compromise and reach a consensus -- in which case, the conversation promptly ends.In short, however, while the westerner starts so many sentences with "I", the Japanese "I" usually means "with the approval of the group".Japanese youth generally show positive attitudes about you, from others there is often indifference. Many people coming to Japan ask if the Japanese are racist and cold to westerners. Some pigeonhole Japanese as racist because they are treated differently, assuming it is because of skin color - which is not in itself accurate. So a clear distinction between racism (which exists in every country, including Japan) and xenophobia is needed.It is no exaggeration to say that, bending the metaphor a bit, the Japanese see things through xenophobic glasses. (And lest you feel superior, you won't find skinhead thugs or people in white sheets in Japan, and being a woman or minority religion or race might get you far worse treatment in many countries. Online the question from would-be travelers to Japan asking if Japanese like or dislike foreigners is recycled enough to make your eyeballs fall out. With the exception of Tokyo and a lesser degree Osaka, where you could not avoid seeing a foreigner if you tried, most Japanese rarely see and almost never deal with a foreigner, so as elsewhere in the world most are simply indifferent.You don't see a lot of the friction between labour and management in Japanese firms -- one reason is that the workers often cave in since they know a profitable company eventually benefits them.Another is that they know the CEO and execs don't make 100 times the money the workers do, or 00-00 per hour (That's no exaggeration either -- you do the math.) How Japanese view non-Japanese is always a subject of debate.


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