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But there is no doubt however that rap has produced its share of emcees who have left a big imprint on the rap game, and some of those artists have become afterthoughts to today’s more contemporary listeners.

Here are the 10 most underrated rap artists in music. rap group, she went solo in 1995 and recorded some of rap’s biggest hits, including 1996’s “No Time,” 1997’s “Not Tonight,” and 2001’s “Lady Marmalade,” a remake of the 1974 Labelle classic that was one of the biggest hits of the year.

Little Brother When it comes to rap, North Carolina may be best known as the state that produced Petey Pablo.

[Verse 2: Foxy Brown] Nigga fuck you, eat a fat boy, do' I stacked on pussy Platinum and lace, ain't no smile on my face Shit, burn up by the waist, fuck him right to the safe And tell him, crack the bitch before I blast his bitch Ya know Na Na come through, dime-chicks, iced up Minked out, rolly 6, light grey chrome 6 Go to ask, wanna fuck?

Mother: Judith Marchand Brother: Gavin Marchand Brother: Anton Marchand Boyfriend: Kurupt (rapper, dated 1996-99, engaged 1999-2000, separated 2000)Boyfriend: Spragga Benz (Jamaican DJ, together 2001-03)Boyfriend: Rick Ross (rapper, together 2008) High School: Brooklyn College Academy Foxy Brown Assault Raleigh, NC, Jan-1997 Failure to Appear New York City, Mar-2000 Driving with a Suspended License New York City, Mar-2000 Assault Manhattan, 29-Aug-2004 Harassment Manhattan, 29-Aug-2004 Resisting Arrest Broward County, FL, 15-Feb-2007 Battery Broward County, FL, 15-Feb-2007 Failure to Appear Ft.

[Intro: DMX] Uhhhh, uhhhh Let's do it, we're startin' Uh, come on, boogie boogie, uh, uh Let's do it, let's do it, DMX, come on [Verse 1: DMX] I been playin' bitches all my life, from that ho to my wife You think I give a fuck, like you don't know I'm livin' trife Strife and struggle, bitches with pussy on the juggle Little shorty named Tamika from 25th who can smuggle Cheese to that Columbian Connection From that cross-the-water section Baby nine-seventeen, try for protection Injection of that shit I'm kickin' Got you stickin' niggas you got love for Bring 'em up, touch 'em with the buzz saw Bitches slingin' rocks, swingin' Glocks, bringin' knocks Holdin' down the fort even when it's steamin' hot Money's being got but honeys actin' shady So I hit it with 5 between the 380's, can't fox a 300 Mercedes Time like this bring out the savage and shit Bitches ain't keepin' it real, so I'm damagin' shit I'm on that scavenger shit, and I'm hungry Fox with the Dog, it's about to get ugly (for real) [Hook: DMX & Foxy Brown] Ya bitches suck a dick Ya niggas eat a clit Yeah, you think you fuckin' slick?

The following year, Brown took part in the rap collective The Firm, appearing on their Dr. A second solo effort, Chyna Doll, appeared in 1998, featuring contributions from Jay-Z, DMX and vocal trio Total.

By this time her popularity was such that the record went straight to #1 -- the first time this had been accomplished by a female rap artist.


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