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Elmar Sakala, a 1965 graduate of Walla Walla University (WWU), found the letters, forgotten in a dusty box, untouched for years.

He and his wife, Darilee, a 1969 WWU graduate, were busy preparing to leave on a trip, yet the letters stopped him in his tracks. Over the next several days Elmar kept opening more and more of the letters and reading them to Darilee as they went about their daily work, the memories continuing to flood back from 50 years previous, when their lives lacked the stability they now enjoy in their Loma Linda, California, home.

In particular, he advises domestic and foreign institutional investors and banks on real estate investments as well as about ongoing asset management.

“So some of the letters that come out, I say, ‘I don’t remember writing that!

’ ”The year was especially hard on Elmar, away from the college community and the woman he was beginning to love.

So every other weekend he would drive the 800-mile round trip across the border and down through Washington to spend a few hours with Darilee and then race back for work Monday morning.

“It was tough, let me tell you, but that year in Vancouver gave me a chance to really do a lot of thinking and sorting out what love is.


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