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The positive side is that they easily understand what each other is feeling; the more challenging aspect is defining your own needs and setting boundaries with each other to feel safe and calm. Begin to initiate emotional exchanges instead of simply responding to them. The rewards of being an empath in an intimate relationship are many: the comforts of companionship, passion, trusting the person and yourself enough to keep surrendering to the healing power of love.

Two empaths who are both overwhelmed by the world can create anxiety at home. Remember that showing emotions is a form of passion and generosity too. In a daily journal, write down an emotion you’re experiencing. As a psychiatrist, I want to support empaths to be confident enough to risk surrendering to love, maybe even for the first time.

It challenges us to become braver, more confident and giving people. When both partners are emotionally available and committed to each other, the empath feels secure knowing that someone’s “got their back.” Being valued and adored makes us stronger.

However, for empaths like myself, togetherness can be difficult.

Though it is often challenging for two empaths to be in love, over the long term the relationship can be successful when mutual respect and communication is there. You can express emotions freely around them—they won’t get upset or judge. The rock can learn from an empath to express his or her passion and emotions more clearly, while you can learn grounding from the Rock.

But they often have a hard time expressing their own feelings, and their mates are always trying to get them to articulate their emotions.

At times it can feel overwhelming and make us want to bolt. As sensitive people we often take on our partner’s stress in an intimate relationship and can fear being suffocated if we don’t know how to set boundaries with the person.

Here’s our struggle: We want companionship, but, paradoxically, it may not feel safe.

This is a potent self-care technique for you to keep your mood and energy high. For an empath and a gusher to successfully be partners it’s important for the gusher to balance emotional sharing with going within more to find answers—rather than always using the empath as a sounding board. An Empath is someone who is highly sensitive to the energy/moods/emotions of people, situations and their environment to the point where they can take on those emotions as their own. We are like birds; we need to be able to fly freely to wherever our emotions take us. I should also clarify what exactly an Empath actually is. It won’t work and we will close ourselves off to you immediately.Becoming calloused, numb, or pretending we’re not frightened isn’t the answer; learning how to navigate and protect your sensitivities in the relationship is.In my book on how to achieve emotional freedom I discuss four emotional types that can potentially make good partners for an empath.They also have to some degree psychic abilities of “knowing” things without having proof. There will be highs and lows and twisting and turning in-betweens. We will lose the light that guides our way if you try to control us.Somewhat mysterious and complex, as their emotions run deep but what lies beneath the surface is a world all its own. If that happens, we will shut down and the love we have to give gets tucked pretty deep inside of us.Knowing your soul mate’s type can provide insight into how you interact with the person.It will also help you master your emotions instead of simply reacting when the love of your life pushes your buttons (which soul mates are known to do! Dealing with emotions effectively doesn’t mean repressing them or feeling them less.As an Empath, most people think sugar-coating things is the way to go.I will tell you with 100% certainty being honest is the ONLY way to go.


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