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As it began to get hard he dropped the robe over it. I felt the blood rush to my head and then quickly out of it as I leaped to my feet. I was horny again on the third day and masturbated at home before I went in. My mind was so concentrated on the fact that he was still holding me - more firmly now as he used my erection as an object for instruction. For a good 30 minutes my cock stood straight up, exposed to the entire room. Needless to say I was right back in that stall taking care of business before the remaining rounds. I still use this experience to masturbate sometimes.

"Alright, just as I explained before you will each have a chance to do this examination." "Please stand up," he motioned to me. I could not believe how squeamish some of these future doctors were! His hand cupped my balls as he spoke to the students. You have to get used to it because it happens.” They discussed what to do in this instance. I could not, no matter what horrible or disgusting thing I thought about, control it.

I missed my deadline yesterday I know but I am getting it out quicker than I thought by not running through and trying to edit my errors.

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"I would prefer you to keep this on." "Really," I said. I heard him put on gloves and squeeze lube out of a tube. He told them that two fingers work much better and that's when things really got uncomfortable for me. Being a bottom and a sub I instinctively turned to shake his hand not realizing my cock was still erect. Fuck I was so humiliated, naked and erect with pre-cum drooling from the head of my cock. My handler rushed to retrieve the gown and cover me up. It didn’t help that I was still poking through the gown. Satisfied and no longer horny, I grabbed my gown and made my way back to the room.

You can change in here.” He handed me a blue hospital gown and hurried me into a small locker room.

“You shouldn’t be hard when we go in.” “Um ok,” I responded knowing that would be near impossible.

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    David hid himself near the stairwell and started waiting for his victim.