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In april 2008 verschijnt American Boy in de Top 40, wat zijn grootste hit in ons land wordt.Op zijn lijst van Top 40-hits prijken, naast deze samenwerking met Estelle ook producties samen met Chris Martin, Jamie Foxx, Ne-Yo, Katy Perry en Jay-Z. From 1996 to 2012, across seemingly every genre, here's The Complete History of Kanye West Guest Verses. Even today, with DJ Khaled's "I Wish You Would" and 2 Chainz's "Birthday Song" making their rounds, it's apparent that ' Ye has made just as much of a musical impact on other artists' records."I got into hip hop from my uncle; he was always playing us Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane; he was a bad boy and my mum wasn't really happy that I was hanging out with him".

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Ye used the song as an opportunity to tell us about his peacoats, the Ribena soft drink and his 'difficult' relations with the press.

Music's Complex cover story, and previous intimate looks at Kanye West's personal career, we decided to go back and find all the songs Kanye’s breathed on that weren’t his own.

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No I'm not I've been measured by the doctor and by myself and I am 5'11. Bit of a debate, they said their measure was “brand new” like they wear out and measure low? Bro, I never thought of height as being something to be conscious of until some of my shorter friends pointed it out to me.

I certainly have never felt myself to be better than someone else because I was taller. I know there are women out there that care less than I do, go get yo self one! I am 5'2" and I would never see that height as anything but you big ass giant. Mine's great I have never hit it on any doors.


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