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However, if you have any formulas that rely on Sales[Quantity], recalculation is required.Dependencies are calculated prior to any recalculation.For example, suppose you have a table, Sales, that is related to the tables, Product and Product Category; and formulas in the Sales table depend on both of the other tables.Any change to either the Product or Product Category tables will cause all calculated columns in the Sales table to be recalculated.i attached the workbook cell a307 = 201 (manualy input).

When you are working with data in Power Pivot, from time to time you might need to refresh the data from the source, recalculate the formulas that you have created in calculated columns, or make sure data presented in a Pivot Table is up-to date.

Power Pivot always performs a complete recalculation for a table, because a complete recalculation is more efficient than checking for changed values.

The changes that trigger recalculation might include such major changes as deleting a column, changing the numeric data type of a column, or adding a new column.

Power Pivot uses both data refresh and recalculation: Data refresh means obtaining up-to-date data from external data sources.

Power Pivot does not automatically detect changes in external data sources, but data can be refreshed manually from the Power Pivot window or automatically if the workbook is shared on Share Point.


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