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We want to aim for our kids to be smart digital citizens, as the internet is such a fundamental part of modern life and commerce.Bullying is not exactly a new phenomenon but it has taken on a new form with the invention of the internet.Cyber Bullying is the use of different technologies such as cell phones and any device connected to the internet, to send or post images or text that is designed to hurt or embarrass another person.Children and teens today are more tech-savvy than ever, having grown up with the technology we've seen evolve so quickly over time.But even when your kids have as much technical know-how as adults, they don't yet have the experience and discernment necessary to keep them safe online.Raising children can suddenly make the world seem a frightening and dangerous place.While you may have grown up wandering the streets or visiting friends or the mall without telling your parents where you were going, giving your own children that kind of freedom is unthinkable for many parents today.No parent would ever want their child to experience any of these traumatic and challenging scenario's, which is why it is critical for parents to understand the dangers and monitor their child's activity within reason, as well as spotting any behavioral changes in them that could indicate a problem.You should never be immune to the fact that there are a small percentage of individuals who surf the internet with a view to making friends with a child and grooming them for sexual exploitation at a later date.Warning signs can include spending large amounts of time online, especially during evening hours and there may be some examples of pornography on your child's computer, which may have been introduced as a way of normalizing sex between adults and children.If your child becomes withdrawn or shows any of the signs that you can find a list of in guides like the one compiled by the FBI, you should be prepared to talk openly with them about your suspicions and make them aware of the dangers they are facing.


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