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The alien ships launch dozens of strange Seeds across the planet.

As they detonate, they convert the landscape and the herds of panicking dinosaurs into a metallic substance, ending the Age of Dinosaurs.

He immediately tries to flee, but is crippled and brought down by their weapons.

The team leader, James Savoy, mockingly asks why Ratchet ran if he's not their enemy, and Ratchet replays a transmission he received from Optimus Prime, ordering all Autobots to hide from humans.

The driver turns out to be Shane, a rally car racer who is also Tessa's boyfriend.

A group of Cemetery Wind vehicles begins chasing them.

The agents swarm the barn, but there is no trace of Prime inside.

When Savoy threatens Tessa to force Cade to tell him of Prime's whereabouts, the Autobot leader explodes out of the barn's basement in which he was hiding.

Cade convinces them not to call the authorities until he can spend more time working on the truck, as he may be able to stumble on a technological breakthrough if he can figure out how the Transformers work.While attempting to salvage the truck's engine to sell, Cade realizes it's actually a badly-damaged Transformer.After calling Lucas and Tessa, he connects jumper cables to its engine, only for it to begin replaying the distress call Ratchet had received earlier.Walking past his human allies, Lockdown demands to know Optimus Prime's whereabouts.When Ratchet refuses, Lockdown brutally kills him by ripping out his spark.In the Arctic, Attinger arrives via helicopter at Lockdown's ship and demands to know why Optimus Prime escaped him in Mexico.Lockdown derisively tells Attinger that Optimus Prime would not have escaped were it not for Cemetery Wind's interference, stressing that he does not care about Attinger or his goals and wishes only to capture Optimus Prime. C., Attinger receives a tip that Optimus Prime has been located in Texas and sends Savoy and Cemetery Wind to apprehend him.Although the Autobots are officially granted asylum on Earth, public opinion has turned against all Transformers.The government of the United States has terminated all human-Autobot joint programs and instated Cemetery Wind, an elite CIA unit intended to flush out the handful of Decepticons left on Earth.Transformers: Age of Extinction is the fourth film in the live-action film series. Following the Battle of Chicago, humanity has come to fear both Autobots and Decepticons alike.With the aid of a Transformer mercenary named Lockdown, a CIA task-force operated by Harold Attinger begins hunting the remaining Transformers on Earth.


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