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In 2017 alone, victims lost US$ 19,061,703 to romance and dating scammers.New tech helps you protect your users, but it also gives scammers new opportunities to deceive them.The number of male victims matches that of females, they are just far less likely to complain.Romance fraud also targets the LGBT community and it’s a global issue with scammers operating out of centers in, for example, Africa, Russia or Ukraine, but targeting people across the globe. Unfortunately, while we have companies like Besedo working hard on creating solutions and technology to help prevent fraud, scammers are also working overtime to develop new ways to con victims.I can only agree with this prediction, unfortunately.We are seeing a lot of sites starting to add video chat to their site, which is a great way to make “first dates” safer for the users and also a great way for higher user engagement and revenue.

This, unfortunately as mentioned, may make it harder to keep users safe from scammers in the digital world.

Scam markers are specific elements within a text, picture or the surrounding data that indicates that there’s a chance this could be a scam.

When it comes to romance scams these are some of the most common scam markers we encounter: The emotional damage is often at least as bad as the money loss.

Unfortunately, it also gives scammers another channel to utilize for sextortion, that Steve Baker mentioned.

According to cyberbullying.org, 40% of sextortion victims met the perpetrator online.


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