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They first located at Cleveland, Ohio where (August) received a good common school education…

“When (John Priebe) was eighteen, in company with his mother and one brother and one sister, he came to America. They were seven weeks in making the journey and their landing was at Castle Garden, from whence they immediately directed their course to Cleveland, Ohio, where one of his brothers was already located, this brother and two sisters having preceded the rest of the family to America by two years. Soon afterward he took the trowel, in hand, and he spread mortar in Cleveland until 1870.

The city population doubled to nearly 100,000 of which 45% were immigrants. Albertina’s oldest brother Frederich was in school, and probably sister Emilie as well. Albertina’s uncle August married Bertha Schumacher, also from Germany, in May 1866. Their sons August and Charles attended school, and perhaps Annie is as well. Even with inflation, there was real wage growth for the type of work the Priebe family engaged in.

We know family members worked as masons, in carpentry and general labor.

In other words, some of the members were full or at least part time farmers while others had to contract their labor because there was not enough land for all.

The prospect of all descendants owning their own farm in America looked very attractive.

In 1862, Albertina’s uncle August Priebe (30) who had been living in Schofhütte, Uncle Ferdinand (27) and Aunt Louisa (Priebe) Raddetz (27), children Johanna and Emilie; Aunt Wilhelmina (Priebe) and uncle F. Raddatz (Ferdinand’s brother), children Carl, Reinhold, Emilie and Johanna; aunt Emilie (Priebe) and uncle Ernst Baumann and children Johann and Carl sailed from Hamburg on May 3 aboard the sailing ship Gellert owned by Rob. Louise traveled with Albertina’s father Karl (34) and mother Mina (28), brother Friedrick (7), Emily (5), uncle John (17), aunt Albertine (15), and cousins August (7) and Carl Raddetz (6). From Gramenz, the family most likely traveled by horse cart either to Belgard where they could continue by train.

It is also possible they went by cart to Köslin to go by ship to Bremen.

Property transfers in nearby Grunwald where Karl’s sisters lived, also under the same manor Lord largely took place in the 1830’s.Prussia was modernizing and trying to expand, meaning taxes and wars. A few events that would have impacted the Priebes: For farming families, subdividing property between children became untenable at some point.Most of the Priebe members list farmer or laborer as their occupation on the ship manifest when they immigrated.This article is a re-posting from a website that is no longer online.It is believed to have originated from was originally written by Cindy and David Johnson.Her aunt Louisa married Ferdinand Raddetz in 1852 and moved to nearby Grunewald. Emigration to the USA from the area began in earnest.Cousins August and Charles were born in ’55 and ’57. Grunewalt lost 1/4 of its population to a single town in Wisconsin alone for example. The rest of the family could join them after a home was established and safety could be confirmed.The cost of gaining freedom in Gramenz was ceding to the lord of the manor around 1/3 of the land worked by the farmer. Loss of access to woodlands, loss of protection from the manor lord during hard times caused many farmers to object to the liberation.19th century politics did not make life easy either. Land nearby was ceded to the Duchy of Warsaw, bringing foreign powers near.As a descendant of the Priebe family, most of this account appears to be accurate, except for minor discrepancies with dates and other smaller details.Please feel free to submit any corrections.(Spellings appear to be standardized.


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