History of radiocarbon dating

Barracks, firing ranges, field hospitals, airfields and light railways were established.Some of these, such as the First World War Stonehenge airfield, have long since been demolished, but others, such as the Larkhill airfield sheds, still stand and are important in the history of early military aviation.In the early Bronze Age, one of the greatest concentrations of round barrows in Britain was built in the area around Stonehenge.Many barrow groups appear to have been deliberately located on hilltops visible from Stonehenge itself, such as those on King Barrow Ridge and the particularly rich burials at the Normanton Down cemetery.

The sarsens were erected in two concentric arrangements – an inner horseshoe and an outer circle – and the bluestones were set up between them in a double arc.

In the early Bronze Age many burial mounds were built nearby.

Today, along with Avebury, it forms the heart of a World Heritage Site, with a unique concentration of prehistoric monuments.

They may have been intended for a rearrangement of the stones that was never completed.

The Normanton Down Barrows lie on the crest of a low ridge just to the south of Stonehenge.


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