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Ravi, a 11 year old Indian adoptee who is imbued with his Indian culture, but is thrilled about being in the US.Luke, the 12-year old American adoptee who is very mischievous and loves to play video games.In a now deleted tweet, Jessie J wrote: Remember the thing that you tried/did back in the day. Something that you don’t even talk about or want to talk about anymore. The other facet of this is that many will not see her as “truly” bisexual, and anytime someone’s sexual identity is being decided by other people, it can become a dangerous situation, one that can lead to ignorance and violence, including things like corrective rape of lesbians and other related hate crimes.

She was unexpectedly given a job as a nanny after one of the kids, Zuri, saw her out on the street. She then moved into Ross Manor where she meets the other kids: Emma, a bubbly 13 year old who tries to reshape the world.Since then the British personality has spoken about her bisexuality with several other outlets, expressing the sentiment that it was no big deal and that the people in her life have known about it and accepted her relationships with women for years. Jessie J must have felt like she was being somehow dishonest or her sexuality was misconstrued, despite many of the statements on her bisexuality having come from her directly in the past few years.Which is why it came a surprise to fans yesterday when Jessie J tweeted in a very roundabout way that she was no longer identifying as bisexual; that it was simply a phase and she wished people would understand. While it’s clearly something she wanted to make known for her own sanity or personal gain, it is a very unfortunate tactic for the rest of us who cannot turn our queerness off, and more often than not, don’t want to. While Jessie J, like any other human being, has the right to identify however she would like, she’s done the queer community a great disservice by referring to her interest in women as a “phase,” something that bisexuals have been plagued with for as long as they’ve been out and proud.Tessie (T/ony and J/essie) is the relationship between Jessie Prescott and Tony Chiccolini.During the second season, Luke seems to understand that she is not interested, but every now and then tries to flirt with her.While they do not have a romantic relationship, they are both friendly to each other.They got back together in The Ghostest With the Mostest.Luke Ross (best friend/admirer)Zuri Ross (best friend) Emma Ross (best friend) Ravi Ross (best friend) Christina Ross (former boss)Morgan Ross (former boss) Shaylee Michaels (best friend)Austin Moon (famous singer; dancer) Bertram Winkle (best friend; co-worker) Abbey (formely)Hudson (sometimes) Jesslina Maria "Jessie" Shannon-Prescott is a fictional character who is the main protagonist and title character in JESSIE.Even though she can get extremely jealous, and annoyed at times, Jessie does her best to make things right at the end. She describes her romantic life to be very embarrassing and sad and states that she has never been on a date where something hasn't gone wrong.She has a fear of Port-a-Potties, but she gets over it in A Doll's Outhouse. Jessie is an idealistic, optimistic, well-rounded starry eyed teen who does her best to aim high. Despite being friendly, she can be aggressive and threatening, when others push her to her limits.


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