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8 The Radio Front, by E, Kay, Avery Thompson and James Q. 8 Music, by Robert Bagar 10 Know Your Commentator, by Jamea Q. Mor- rison 12 Complete Program* for This Weak 14-32 Feminine Forum, by Edith Hampton S3 What's Cooklngl by Georgia Scott 35 Cover PHoto by NBC Volume 12, Number 18 February 6-12. We must, even as wc have begun doing in French North Africa, insure (Continued on Page Facing 36) RESEARCH is vita! years ahead or ha industry- (1»1* HOUSE CURRENT SITS . The trio is now in Algiers entertaining servicemen there, after a lengthy stay in England at the same chore. The programs will offer alternating groups of German and French songs, but each program will have a group of pieces by English and American composers. There is nothing wrong with that idea, certainly, The music doesn't pretend to be anything but straightforward program music.

"Cabin in the Sky", "Taking a Chance on Love", "Happiness is a Thing Catted Joe", "Life's Full O' Consequence", "Li'l Black Sheep", "Honey in the Honeycomb", and more honeys Wn! Always one thought is uppermost in the minds of her fans: She can't pos- sibly look as bad as we think. When questioned on the point, Elvia Allman, radio's Cobina, replied in all modesty, "I'm very happy to, talk about myself. It was my first lesson in Ironical comedy and Mother says I was very good-natured about it. two broadcast loops and business /one tied in northeast corner Hnnuar Six, one parab. All of them began to hate the man who was taking away their pride in return for a piece of printed paper. Lady Luck for- sook Alan Portia when he suffered an Injured knee during the shooting of the final scene for the third episode of Charles Buyer's "Flesh and Fan- tasy" on the Universal lot. Claudette Colbert lost and gained in one fell swoop recently. Yesterday Hol- lywood swains gifted glamour girls with delectable boxes of confections fearfully and wonderfully wrapped. Thvy always can buy their own candy, but groceries in war-time are something else again! I change my mind so much, you see." "Lieder," she explained, "is so much more refined. "It in terrible to become known as a Wagnerian soprano." she said. "In this country I have been known through my performances of the Mar- schallin, Elisabeth in "Tannhacuser," and one or two others. Still, I suppose that certain modern-day rules must be observed.

Among those men and women, we should lite to include the farmers of America, those hard-working citizens who are doing, against terrific odds, the prodigious tost of providing food not only for war workers' needs but for our fighting forces and our allies. He had for- gotten a psycho-sociological fact — that it's better, far better, to help people help themselves. ran ed lis ■ t Ueappeartlut nah note an- ti fin trawi plan Wavema* IWU o pi -. W hat r ruakliu: Is a military w ret Hut three Uilaan we Fout. RADIONICS the New Miracle Induttry 1917 WAR RUN BV TEIEPHONL 1943 WAR RUM BY RADIO J our «rcat tntiarrii M an tlf MTInn] tu ]rn _ JACK LARUE, famous ex-movie villain, and his wife listen to Tommy Dorsey's music at the Hollywood Palladium. The old dog loves affection, and Merle was so pleased that he kept up the good work without prompting that she gave him an extra hug one morning. He stood there wagging his tail so joyfully that Merle didn't have the heart to scold him. Lehmann expects, some day, to paint her impressions of music — of operatic music, of song mu- sic, perhaps, even of symphonic music.

They are giving what no army can live without — food for defense! Today, the United States and the United Nations are planning tn be phi- lanthropists, to help the occupied countries. I l..t- •| 1 rii V~i]emeas*Ut^~tlsatr RADIO 11EI t;n ION M'llouaj. Jack left screen to become actor's agent —lack aisi.i -■vuta l«lt»( ANNE SHIRLEY (above) has taken over Martha Mature's sailorman, Pat Nierney, the son of a prominent socialite BOB WALLACE, former Movie- town photographer, has pretty Julie Bishop kiss his raffle ticket for good luck at the Canteen HOLLYWOOD HOC RAISER CANT BUY A POUND OF BACON! Throwing a coat over her pajamas, she made the rounds and returned the purloined papers . She wants to paint people, too, people and scenes and life.

POm Pepsodent Powder into the cupped palm of your hand — enough powder to cover i J« piece is plenty. Measure out the right amount for small children and tcacr them the proper way to brush teeth. Movie-goers' answer for another Cable Turner picture. THE GLASS KEY (WV): Spine-tingling murder mystery with Vcmnira Lake and Alan Ladd combination again. WESTERNS APACHE TRAIL (WV): Okay in all department* : Lloyd Nolan and Donna Reed star — 1 smib CALL OF THE CANYON (WW) : Gene Aiitry proves his point. SONS OF PIONEERS (VW) : Roy Rogers turn* gun Inter — and how! THE CYCLONE KID (VV) : Don "Red" Barry writes finis to a reign of terror. — Inl AMl All AAAl Hl"*t C l X« CAROLE LANDIS (above) with her new husband. Wall ace of the first American Eagle Squadron of RAF. This gives the famed English music-hall star lime for more lippy songs and patter HOPE DICKERS FOR ASSIGNMENT IN AFRICA; COCA-COLA SIGNS MORTON DOWNEY U. His whole show is done without benefit of script, except for the commercials, openings and Uncle Cora gags. The station has been swamped with weapons ranging from hunting-knives to bayonets. HANLON Hottest news around town this week concerns a famous Irish tenor who's been packing the Mayfair Room al the Blackstone.

SHOW children how to dab— mil rub— moisi brush in powder to pidc it up. Dick Powell us a singing beachcomber helps them, and Eddie Bracked, with Rudy Vallee in the role of the rich man. Morton Downey (above) returns to radio in a five-a-week Blue Network show HEEDING ENCORES from a laughter-loving nation, Gracio Fields' sponsor added ten minutes to her nightly Blue Network show. Kay Kyser's recent appeal for knives to be used by American fight- ers in the Pacific certainly fell on willing ears. Absent from the air while awaiting arrival of her baby, Penny Singleton now is back ori CBS every Monday night in her featured "Blondie ' role ABOVE: Judy Blake, who plays the role of Penny in "The Story of Mary Marl in." Fulton Lewis, Jr., and his secretary (r.) examine pork sausages from his Maryland farm CHICAGO By JAMES C.


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