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Civilian leaders of the Irish and the South did embrace the Confederate national project and most became advocates of a 'hard-war' policy.

Irish nationalist John Mitchel lived in Tennessee and Virginia during his exile from Ireland and was one of the South's most outspoken supporters during the American Civil War through his newspapers the Southern Citizen and the Richmond Enquirer.

Native tolerance, however, was also a very important factor in Irish integration [into Southern society]....

Support for Irish Confederate soldiers from home was vital both for encouraging them to stay in the army and to highlight to native white southerners that the entire Irish community was behind the Confederacy.

In 18, he established free schools for free African American children.

Inflamed by the propaganda of the American Anti-Slavery Society, a mob raided the Charleston post office in 1835 and the next day turned its attention to England's school.

They all came to be known in the United States as the "Scots-Irish" even those with no Scottish ancestry at all.

The term Scots-Irish was created in the 19th century to differentiate between Protestant Irish and the later Catholic Irish,.


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