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Muslims around the world agree that Islam is the one true faith that leads to salvation.

Many Muslims also say it is their religious duty to convert others to Islam.

Ezzeldine says that the high interfaith marriage rates should be a “wakeup call” for the community.

This view has been presented most forcefully by Imam Khaleel Mohammed, a professor of religion at San Diego State University.

He says that the only reason that the Quran does not allow Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men is the concern that a man’s religion would always become the dominant one.

Ezzeldine, who wrote a short book called “Before the Wedding: Questions for Muslims to Ask Before Getting Married,” tries to offer her coreligionists a way of getting to know each other without violating the standards of the faith.

Ezzeldine wants Muslims to have “the conversations to get to know somebody for marriage in a way” that is more than superficial.


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