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I came upon this website when i was looking for a particular book, the name of which i have forgotten.

Ella: The book you are looking for is Burn for You (Slow Burn Book 1) by J. Geissinger Jessica: It’s called “Burn for You” and it is a KU Read AND Listen.

If you or someone you know is in danger call 111 immediately and speak to the Police.

Emergency situations include a recent threat of violence or sexual violence, recent act of violence or sexual violence or if your health or someone else’s is in danger.

Have a plan of what to do if something doesn’t feel right and you want to leave – don’t stay if you feel uncomfortable, just because you don’t want to offend the other person. Tell friends and family where you are going If you’ve organised to meet your date at a particular time and place make sure you tell friends and family where you are and who you’re there with.

It’s also important that you have your cellphone with you and fully charged while you’re on the date. Sort your own transport It’s important that you organise your own transport to and from the date.

If something has happened and you’re in need of help, support or advice with sexual or physical assault visit the Rape Prevention Education directory for a list of support services around New Zealand.

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1.) I ate my first square of Godiva Dark Chocolate 72% last night, and it was FABULOUS. 3.) My big Prime purchase was three more DNA kits (for my mom, sister and aunt that are coming to visit in just a couple of weeks). The plot is: “The main heroine comes into town and falls in love with the ex of her cousin, I believe. The book starts with her using the guy’s family’s bourbon in her recipes. He hires her to cater a event for him and she only does it to get money to help her mother.

This way you’re in control and independent, especially if something doesn’t work out.

It’s also important to think carefully before letting the other person know where you live – one way to avoid this it to arrange your own transport. Stay sober Alcohol and drugs can make it difficult for you to make good judgements and could potentially put you in danger.

One is bk 1 of a new series by Susan Fanetti but connected to her Pagano family series. Lots of feels…Marina: I just finished a cute, funny read if you’re interested in an lighthearted read… Odd title and cover but really endearing, funny, office… Seem to be on a quest for these kind of reads lately. And then he is plainly rude to her at the first half of the book.

It’s called Simple Faith and it’s out on July 14th DG: Had to stop reading this morning because I didn’t want to RUIN my makeup from BAWLING my eyes out! SO GOOD that I just had to put it down so I can SAVOR my crying jag later when I have time! Then he falls in love with her, obviously, and HE.” There is a similar book by Abbi Glines, “The Vincent Brother” #2.


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