Over 55 golf dating

In my twenties it was all high drama, getting my heart broken and dating rotters.

During my thirties, my biological clock meant I needed a partner if I wanted children.

Tiger Woods has teed off at The Masters in Augusta, Georgia.It makes us sound like we spend our evenings forlornly signalling to each other across a creaky old dance floor by waving our Zimmer frames, while our hearing aids whistle shrilly. I know fiftysomething women who are running marathons, starting businesses …I even met one recently who had just won her class in an Iron Man contest (basically a triathlon on steroids) for age 64-69.If you're one of the many women who go gaga over golfers, is also making it easy for you to find your own.The dating site combed its membership data to find the top 10 cities where you can find a man who loves golf.We are now the only group whose divorce rate is actually rising.At 51 years old and single, I am now part of a growing group surfing a zeitgeistian wave of 50-plus freedom.His girlfriend may be watching him from the crowd at the most prestigious golf tournament in the world.Tiger Woods — one of the game's all-time greats and a four-time Masters champion — will be cheered on by Erica Herman in person or from afar.They are: one surprised to find out so many women find golfers uber-attractive.To be totally transparent, golf is one of two sports I turn on when I need something to put me to sleep, not something I tune in to in order to get turned on.


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