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You can go directly to it here: Copyright Law and Game Developers: What You Need to Know.

Copyright is a topic with a lot of misconceptions and urban legends surrounding it.

This section explains how copyright protection is obtained, how to register a copyright, and the benefits of copyright registration.

Alternative registration options are also considered. One of the most common misunderstandings of copyright is how to get it.

This makes it both simple and complicated to understand at the same time.

This section provides a brief overview of the historical context and philosophical foundation of modern copyright law.Copyright developed originally as a privilege granted to approved printers of books, who were given an exclusive license to print some particular work.It was a whitelist form of censorship: no one could print anything unless they had been granted the copyright to do so.Copyright law, and the practical applications of it, have been racing to catch up with this new world.Not everything is settled yet, but there are enough firm principles that you can protect yourself if you take the time to learn about it.But a secondary cultural effect occurred because of this solution.Because copyright grants exclusive rights to works created by artists, the works themselves came to be regarded as a form of property.But the metaphor to real property is so strong that people often talk about copyright infringement as a form of "stealing." The common shorthand of referring to copyright as "ownership" and infringement as "stealing," while possibly effective as a deterrent, gives a false impression of the nature of copyright law.Having a proper conception of copyright law helps make certain practical applications of it — especially fair use, for example — easier to understand.If you run a website you may have to deal with copyright law and related issues from two different sides: as a producer and as a consumer.If you blog, take photographs, publish music, or otherwise produce copyrightable content, you legally own that content.


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